Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My HAIR and LIFE Transition

On August 19,2012 I put my LAST relaxer in my hair. I decided on that day I was going natural. I told myself it's time for a total change in my life including my hair. I need a new outlook, mindset, and lifestyle adjustment. I've had a relaxer since the age of 5 and it wasn't by choice. Now at 31yrs old I'm making a change. Going natural to me means getting in touch with the "real" me. I've been through so much with my hair as well as my life.
I've had damaged hair along with damaged emotions, split ends and broken relationships. But I've grown so much and continue to grow because for my hair and my life to be better and healthier, I had to Cut the"dead" ends so I and my hair could grow back better and stronger than ever!
I haven't officially done the big chop, but I'm gradually doing it and taking it one day at a time.